Governance, Peace and Security

Strengthening peace and governance institutions fosters stability, social cohesion, and equitable development.

Theory of Change

Reduced conflict and violence, leading to improved social cohesion, trust, and community resilience. Enhanced democratic governance, human rights protection, and inclusive decision-making processes.

Our Approach.

As an impartial and independent organization, Change for Planet foundation seeks to bring all parties together to foster trust, resolve differences, end violence and achieve inclusive, sustainable peace agreements. Using networks built up over many years, the foundation engages creatively with political actors, armed groups and other influential parties at international, inter-state, country and local levels. At the same time, we support communities and marginalized groups to play active roles in peace processes and the resolution of conflicts affecting them.

  • Aims to address economic, social, and political root causes of violence.
  • Focuses on fostering reconciliation to prevent the recurrence of structural and direct violence in communities and countries that have experienced conflicts.
  • Resettlement, integration and where applicable repatriation.
  • Civic education and engagement activities.
  • Prevention and interventions in Gender Based Violence.
  • Mediation and negotiation in Conflict.
  • Conflict early warning early response.
  • Prevention and countering violent Extremism

Policy advocacy, monitoring of policy implementation and oversight.